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"Explore the rural charms of Madhya Pradesh showcased in the small towns and villages that gives you chance to watch the rural lifestyle more closely. Places like Bhedaghat with marble rocks and Burhanpur with princely monuments take you into world seen and experienced never before."
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Rural Charms of Madhya Pradesh

Rural Attractions - Madhya Pradesh Village
Village Lifestyle - Rural Charms of Madhya Pradesh

Rural Villages - A Portrait of Rural Culture and Traditions

The roads to these places might be rough and rugged, the travel might be labored and exhaustive, but the destinations are magical. Rural destinations in Madhya Pradesh form a big part of tourism in the state. Their potential as tremendous venues for enthusiastic travelers is simply mindboggling. Some of these places are naturally scenic whereas some are worth your time for the many extravagant palaces and forts. The vast lands, covered with unspoiled greenery are spilled every where in these parts that give you a feeling of unbounded joy. Not only a treat for the eyes, such places teach us all something about our past. Rural parts of Madhya Pradesh are still resided by the tribals that have been here since the month of Sundays. They still follow the traditions and rituals that were followed by them at the start. Rural destinations of Madhya Pradesh are surely the beats in this heart of India.

Monumental Attractions of Rural Destinations

Pieces of history can be seen in almost every nook and corner of Madhya Pradesh. Even the smallest of towns have exceptional works of architecture in them. Some places are not very famous because of the difficulty in reaching these places. However they have marvels that are as good as the renowned ones and some are even better. A place like Burhanpur which is around 5 hour drive from Indore has some of the most stunning mosques in Madhya Pradesh. Shahi Jama Masjid built by Azam Humayun was the first mosque in the area. As the city grew, many more mosques came up around the town. Most of them were built by Faroquis Dynasty. Also visit the Asigarh Fort which is around 20 km from Burhanpur. Though most part of this once invincible fort are now in ruins, but they still possess the same aura and grandeur that it had during its days of yore. Chanderi is another site with historical buildings built by many dynasties that ruled over Chanderi. Most structures were built during the reign of Mughal.

Naturally Splendid

You never know which part nature chooses to bequeath its wonders. So don't make the mistake that most tourist commit of leaving out on places simply because they have remote locations. Madhya Pradesh offers ample examples to substantiate this fact. Bhedaghat is the most prominent citation of them all. Bhedaghat has the gift of Marble Rocks that just cannot be missed. Situated by the banks of Narmada River, the marble rocks are best viewed by taking a boat ride in Narmada. And if it is on a moonlit night, the spectacle looks dreamlike. Dhuandhar Falls, that are formed by plunging Narmada river present another scintillating view. Lying amongst the Vindhyas, Mandu is a distinct and magnificent town for spending holidays. The high hills offer superb surroundings, whereas the age old buildings add extra charm to this sedate town.

Imagine a place so beautiful and charming that it seems straight out of a picture book and you miss it, only because you haven't heard of it. Madhya Pradesh is a state that is brimming with such places that are stunning but not renowned. Be the first to explore the many wonders that deserve every bit of your valuable attention and admiration.

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