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"Mumbai Attractions - Mumbai charms revolves round its glamorous lifestyle, beach euphoria and colonial monumental tourist attractions. Be it the ravishing Juhu Beach or majestic Gateway of India or the spectacular Haji Ali's Mosque, Mumbai will surely steal the heart of the tourists with its amazing places to visit.Travel Mumbai to enjoy ravishing Mumbai attractions."
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Top 10 Mumbai Attractions

Gateway of India
Gateway of India

Travel Mumbai, the city studded with a number of fascinating attractions that make the business capital - Mumbai, a tourist attraction as well. Mumbai attractions allures the visitors for its magnificent architecture and intricate artistic designs. Who knows, on your Mumbai tours, you may even accident upon some Bollywood film shooting or a Hindi movie superstar like Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan.

Here's a quick detaile on what to see in Mumbai during a trip

Juhu Beach - The Natural Delight

Topping the list of what to see in Mumbai is Juhu beach. Spreading over 5 kilometers along the shore of Arabian Sea, Juhu beach is the most popular of Mumbai Attractions. A walk in the serene sea line may give you an amazing experience specially when the sun sets to make his journey to the West. In the evenings and on weekends, the beach virtually turns into an undeclared fair and you may feel that life can't be as ecstatic as this. Your Mumbai travel can't be complete until you make a visit to ever charming Juhu Beach.

Gateway of India - Majestic Arch

Yet another popular places to visit in Mumbai in the Gateway of India. Catch a glimpse of Gateway of India, a beautiful basalt archway officially declared open in 1924 was built to commemorate the visit of George V in 1911. In 1948, exactly 24 years later, the last British regiment ceremoniously departed India through this archway when India won its independence. The archway is located at the tip of the Apollo Bunder in Colaba. Today, it is more a tourist spot and boats ply from here to the Elephanta caves adding more fun to your Mumbai travel. The flocks of pigeons fluttering around have been made famous even in movies.

Mahalaxmi Temple - Feel the Divinity

Quiet famous amongst Mumbai attractions, it is one of the most visited Hindu shrines in Mumbai, the Mahalaxmi temple has an interesting legend behind it. The temple was built by a contractor at the end of the 18th century. The man claimed that Mahalaxmi, the Goddess of Wealth, appeared to him in a dream. The contractor, who had been assigned the project of building a sea wall by the British, also said the Goddess had promised him success if he built Her a temple. An idol, which was actually found during the excavation for the project, was installed in the temple.

Elephanta Island - A Voyage To Primeval Past

This island with its world-famous rock-cut cave temples of Shiva, is 9 km by boat from the Gateway of India and makes for a must visit attraction on your Mumbai travel. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the island, originally known as Gharapuri (Place of Caves) was renamed Elephanta by the Portuguese, after a rock statue of an elephant they found outside the cave complex. This temple complex, said to date back to 450 AD, contains the world-famous panel of the three-headed Shiva that is identified so closely with India. Incidentally, the statue of the elephant collapsed during the British period, and was reassembled at the Victoria Gardens. It still stands there today.

Haji Ali's Mosque - Where Faith and Sanctity Meet

This beautiful mosque, with its serene environs, becomes a virtual island during high tide, situated as it is, a little past the beach line on the Arabian Sea. Access to this Mumbai attraction is through a long causeway. The saint, whose tomb it contains, is said to have been a wealthy businessman who renounced the material world. Legend has it that the saint died while on a pilgrimage to Mecca, but his coffin miraculously washed up at the place where the tomb now stands. The building's cool courtyard, the tinkling chandeliers and refreshment stalls are a visual treat. The mosque is also a favourite spot to catch the cool sea breeze.

Chowpatty Beach - Enjoy the Euphoria

Easily one of the most favourite mumbai attractions and evening spots of both residents of Mumbai and tourists alike. The bhelpuri stalls, the cool breeze, the spectacular view of the Arabian Sea makes it a perfect evening getaway. This spot, crowded even during normal times, turns into a virtual fairground during the end of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, when huge crowds gather to watch the images of Lord Ganesha being immersed in the sea. If you haven't been to Chowpatty and eaten bhelpuri there, you haven't seen Mumbai!

Malabar Hills - Beauty of Opulence

Some of the huge colonial bungalows of this nesting place of the rich and famous, have given way to smart apartment blocks. But Malabar Hill still retains its charm - and most of its greenery, unlike the rest of Mumbai. Both the Hanging Gardens and the Kamala Nehru Park there are good places for an evening stroll. However, the latter is more preferred, as it offers an excellent view of Chowpatty Beach, Marine Drive and the city.

Prince Of Wales Museum - Jewel Stored Inside Four Walls

Located in the heart of South Mumbai near Gateway Of India, the Prince of Wales Museum is no less than a gem in the city. With its unique collection of art, sculpture, rare coins and old firearms, it is one of the most loved places to visit in Mumbai. But the priceless collection of miniature paintings are the main attraction of the museum that make all art lovers to make a visit to the museum compulsory during Mumbai tours.

Hanging Garden - Floating Greenery

Tourist attractions in Mumbai also include the immensely charming Hanging Gardens. Famous among the locals and tourists, this hanging garden sits comfortably on the top of Malabar Hills and opposite to the Kamala Nehru Park. This terraced garden offers an excellent view of the sun set over Arabian sea. After a trip to Mumbai, you will take home a bouquet of colourful memories which are sure to leave a permanent impression in your mind and memory.


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