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"Punjabi cuisine has always been the most attractive prospect of Punjab tourism. The mouth watering culinary delights in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu tempt your taste buds and make it just irresistible. Try out the most traditional, Sarson ka Saag, Makke Di Roti and the all time favorite Lassi, you will have the flavor of Punjab."
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Punjab Cuisine

Punjabi Thali
Punjabi Thali

A Gourmet's Delectation

Cuisine of Punjab is one of the most celebrated aspects of Punjabi culture. You will only find yourself out of time and out of stomach space but you will never run out of the list of exclusive Punjab delicacies. People of Punjab have a knack of experimenting successfully with their dishes. Be it vegetarian or non vegetarian dishes, there are so much varieties that even a person who lives in Punjab might not have tasted all. Punjabis are known to be fond of nutritious food and most of their delicacies are rich in flavor as well as are wholesome. Most of the people in Punjab are farmers who toil hard on their farms. To compensate for the calories they burn every day, such a nutritious food is a must. The dishes are mostly based on wheat and rice. Milk products also form a big portion of Punjab cuisine.

Non Vegetarian Delights

For non-vegetarian lovers, Punjab is a virtual Eden. The variety of non vegetarian dishes present in Punjab is simply tremendous. Chicken is the most loved item of Punjabi people. The list of chicken dishes itself feels endless. There is Asian Chicken, butter chicken, chicken a la king, Chicken dilruba and uncountable more. Seik Kabab is another specialty of Punjab. The use of different types of spices is what sets the Punjabi cuisine differently.

Vegetarian Ecstacies

There is hardly any one in India who has not heard the name 'Makke Di Roti' and Sarson Da Saag'. These are the two most famous dishes of Punjab. These dishes are exclusive to Punjab and among the many that have made a name for themselves outside the state. Dal Makhani, Shahi Panner, Aloo chole, Aloo Gobhi are the other few. The lavish use of ghee and vegetables in their dishes makes them quite heavy and nutritious.

Sweet Dishes of Punjabi

A tall glass full of cold Lassi (Churned Yogurt) is not only the favorite of Punjab people but you will find its admirers down south as well. Lassi can be salty as well as sweet but sweet Lassi is the more preferred one. Another famous sweet dish of Punjab is the Gajrela, a carrot pudding which is prepared by boiling milk sugar and grated carrot together. Cashews, almonds and raisins are added for extra flavor.

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