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"Music and Dances of Punjab are the most comprehensive visual evidence of energy and enthusiasm of Punjabi folks. Preserved for ages, the rich Punjabi culture and tradition is seen through dances like Bhangra and Giddha. A must for any Punjabi function, they are now an integral part of any celebrations throughout India."
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Punjab Music and Dance

Bhangra Dance of Punjab
Bhangra Dance of Punjab

Manifestation of Joy

Punjab is known to have one of the most diverse and expressive culture in India and the Music and dance is an important component for showcasing it. The dances of Punjab are the most energetic forms of performing arts that you will ever witness. The synchronization found in the dances is simply outstanding. Almost all dances of the state are accompanied with a dhol. There are no dances where men and women dance together. Bhangra is for men whereas Giddha is performed by women.

Bhangra - The Dance of Beats

Started as a celebration dance in Punjab villages for welcoming the spring season, Bhangra today has turned into a world wide phenomenon. This dance has carried the name of Punjab across all seas more than anything else. Over the years, Bhangra has changed quite a lot. Traditionally, Bhangra was a mix of high tempo dance steps, songs and music instruments like Dhol, iktar (a single stringed instrument) and chimta. The songs sung along with the dance are generally based on themes like love, patriotism, or pertaining to social issues. Today, Bhangra tunes fused with hip hop or reggae are quite a craze in clubs and discos. The performers wear a Kurta along with a vest over it. They also flaunt well made turbans of different colors.

Giddha - The Rhythmic Steps of Women Folk Refined With Vocal Notes

If you thought Bhangra was highly spectacular, then Giddha will give you the same kind of entertainment. Like Bhangra is performed only by men, Giddha is the specialty area of women. This dance is generally performed during special occasions like festivals or marriages. Giddha performed during marriages is called 'Viyahula Giddha'. The performers stand in a circle forming a ring. One women sits in the center of the ring and plays the Dhol. The best thing about the dance is that there are no hard and fast rules to which the dancers have to perform. They dance according the tune and rhythm. Through Gidda, the different phases in the life of Punjabi women are depicted.

Kikli - A Magical Marigo Round With Companion

Kikli is as much a game form as it is a dance. That is why it is far more popular among younger girls. Kikli too is essentially a women dance. In this dance, girls form pairs and stand facing each other. They hold each others hand in a crossed manner and stand on their toes. They then start moving in a circular motion slowly gathering momentum. Along with rotating, they keep singing songs related to father, mother, relatives and about incidences of their lives.

Punjabi Folk Music

Punjabi folk music is unlike any other you would have ever heard. There is no complications, no exaggerations, but still the tune and rhythm of the songs, takes you into a different world. There are many famous Punjabi singers who have earned name and fame in not only India but other countires as well, Especially in U.K, where Punjabi music is regual in clubs and discos.

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