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"Golden Temple Tours are without a doubt the most economical and convenient way of exploring the charm of Golden Temple Punjab. Catering to not only famous places like Chandigarh and attractions like The Golden Temple and others, Golden Temple Tour Package also take to you the colorful and cultural villages and the many heritage prides of this beautiful state."
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Golden Temple Tours

Golden Temple Tours
Golden Temple Tours

About Golden Temple Tour Package

Punjab is truly among the most colorful states in India to spend an enriching vacation. From the moment you start traveling in Punjab, till the moment you leave its land, you are subjected to so many exclusive experiences that prove to be only eye opening but also exuberating. It is hard to miss the charm of this agricultural state that has only kept building up with time.

Wagah Border Ceremony
Wagah Border Ceremony

About Golden Temple

The main attraction of this state is of course the Golden Temple also called Harmindar Sahib Gurudwara. Every year not only the Sikh pilgrims but also the people of different faith come here to seek some peace of mind and soul. And our Golden Temple tour package is designed in such a way that it not only take you to this famous temple but also covers the other popular travel destinations of Punjab.

A tour thorough only the major cities of Punjab is not good enough to give you a true picture of what lies inside the heart of this state. For that, one has to tread through the rural villages that exhibit the unrepressed culture and enthusiasm of hardworking Punjabi folks. And for the very reason, we have made our Amritsar tour that will take you all such places that are not yet on the tourism radar are more engrossing and revealing than the ones that already are.

Punjab has a history that would make any Indian Proud. Front runner during the struggle for freedom, the state has bore the brunt of harshest colonial atrocities. Reminding us of the hard yet glorious past, are many heritage monuments built across the state. A heritage tour takes you to all such important destinations. Another major facet of Punjab is its holiness. The many sacred destinations make Punjab one of the most revered pilgrimage destinations in India. Harmandir Sahib, famously known as The Golden Temple, is situated in Amritsar and is a must visit during any pilgrimage tour in India. There are many other theme tour packages taking care that you don't miss out on any attraction in the magnificent state of Punjab, whether famous or not.

Not only are these tour packages according to your needs and requirements, they are designed in such a way that their duration and order can be changed to best suit your needs. So next time your are in India do opt for our Golden Temple virtual tour to make your holidays special.

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