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Ajmer, India - Travel Guide, Informations

Ajmer Fort
Ajmer Fort


Ajmer was founded by the Rajput ruler Ajai Pal Chauhan in the 7th century. He constructed a fort at the top of the hill and called it Ajai Meru which literally translates into invincible fort. Its location amidst the Aravalli ranges ensured that it stayed protected from foreign aggression and prosper as a trading outpost between Delhi and ports of Gujarat. However, in 12th century this protective coverage fell and Ajmer was captured from Prithviraj Chauhan by Mohammad Ghori.

Ajmer continued as an intrinsic part of the Delhi Sultanate till early 14th century after which it suffered a period of pathetic instability. Ruling heads of Mewar, Marwar, Delhi and Gujarat constantly fought bloody battles to gain control over this town.

A little later, somewhere in 16th century, Ajmer became a hot spot for the Mughal rulers who frequented it on regular basis. It was in Ajmer that one of the earliest interaction between the Mughals and the British took shape. Thereafter, the Scindias took over Ajmer and brought it under the direct control of Britishers. Infact, it was the one amongst few of those places in Rajasthan that did not form a part of princely state and functioned straight under the British.


Ajmer is loved by lovers of Shopping. Rajasthani art and culture amply manifest themselves in the items that hold the attention of shoppers in the city.

Major items that can be picked up by tourists include gold and silver jewellery, bandhini textiles and hand embroidered shoes or mojari's. Also, brass utensils, bangles, woodcrafts, leather belts, hand embroidered cloth bags offer colourful charms for shoppers. The local speciality of Ajmer is Ittar, or perfume made from juices of roses that is sold in small and large packs.

The Ajmer Meru Udyog Crafts Mela is the ultimate shopping experience in Ajmer which exposes visitors to the various aspect of Rajasthani art and craft.

Main Shopping centres are are Madar Gate, Purani Mandi, Naya Bazaar (upmarket items), Kaisarganj and Nala Bazaar.

Getting There

By Air

The Sanganer Airport at Jaipur, at a distance of 130 km, is the nearest airport for reaching Ajmer. From Jaipur buses, trains and taxis bring tourists to Ajmer.

By Rail

Ajmer is on Delhi-Jaipur-Marwar-Ahmedabad-Mumbai line and hence well linked to all major. Ajmer is connected to Delhi by fast Shatabdi Express. The Jaipur Bandra Express runs between Ajmer and Mumbai. There is a fast Express to Udaipur as well.

By Road

Buses from Jaipur run for Ajmer every half an hour and take around 21/2 hours to reach there. From Delhi buses reach Ajmer in around 9 hours. Good National and State highway network also enables tourists to hire a car and drive down Ajmer themselves. Roadways connect Ajmer to Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Mt. Abu, Jaisalmer, Mumbai and Delhi.


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