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"Camel Safari in Rajasthan is an irresistible attraction. The Ship of the Desert takes you through the cities and the outbacks of Rajasthan to provide you a peak into the life of the people."
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Explore the Desert on a Camel Safari in India

Camel Safari, Rajasthan
Camel Safari Rajasthan

In the arid regions of Rajasthan, where every means of transportation flops, the camel rises to bail the inhabitants out of a difficult situation. They are in essence the lifeline of the people of the state. Most journeys into the hinterlands are still made on camel-back, or in camel carts, and the camel is used for ploughing the arid fields of the desert as well. As for the tourists like you, these camels are not merely a means to reach the outbacks of the state, rather they are the agents who introduce you to the rural lifestyle, culture and traditions of the Rajasthanis. The only thing that you need to adjust to is the ungainly movement of the camel. For the inhabitants, it is pretty easy to travel on the back of the camel, however, for a novice, it could be tremendously tiring.

Nevertheless the exhaustion, the entire experience of riding on the back of the camel is extremely rewarding and educational. The camel takes you through the the cities, villages and the desert in a pace that reminds you of the bygone era when things were not carried out at a breakneck speed. The leisurely walk of the camel allows you to see a lot of what is going around you. The safari in the desert region especially is like a trip in the unrelieved ocean of sand and xerophytic shrub covered area, sometimes primeval while at other times savage and even lonely. The sand here is never the same since the wind keeps on carving and wiping out myriads of shapes and images on its face. Watching these appearing and disappearing acts of the images is simply spellbinding. Furthermore, the musical dance performances on the sand dunes under a glittering moon lit night adds a mystical touch to your entire journey.

Things to Remember

Most of the safari expeditions in Rajasthan are carried out in the winter months because the scorching heat of the summers can be extremely uncomfortable. However, even during the winters, some precautionary measures before setting out on a camel safari expedition are more than necessary to take. Foremost of these is a well laid out plan in advance that ensures an absence of any last minute inconvenience. During the trip itself, it is advisable to tie a turban round the head to protect yourself from excess of heat. Also, since the heat can cause much loss of water from your body, regular intake of water (or any other fluid) is of paramount importance. Dress up modestly in light cotton clothes so as to respect the sentiments of the local people as well as allow air to keep your body cool. Use of sunscreen lotion and sunglasses is also recommended during your trip.

Another important thing to remember while on a camel safari trip to the sand dunes is to keep close to your Raika, the camel keepers. This is so because in case of any problem, it is your Raika who will show you the right path.

Just Where to Go

The desert regions near Jaisalmer, especially the Sam Sand Dunes at a distance of 42 km is perfect for enjoying a camel safari trip. Ludhurwa, a small village with mud and stick houses is yet another destination to enjoy a camel safari trip in Rajasthan. Then, there is the tiny village, Kanoi, inhabited by carpenters. Sand Dunes are found in close vicinity of this region. Apart from these, Kuldhara and Khuri village are also a base to set out on an expedition to watch the Sand Dunes of Rajasthan.

Bikaner, Jodhpur and the Shekhawati belt also present wonderful options to enjoy camel safari trip. Pushkar and Nagaur are other destinations around which camel safari trip can be organised.


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