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"The Desert Festival of Jaisalmer celebrates the colourful performing arts of Rajasthan. The three day festival is a riot of fun and enthusiasm."
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Desert Festival Jaisalmer - IndiaLine Travel

Location - Jaisalmer.
Time - January- February.

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer
Desert Festival- Jaisalmer

About Desert Festival

The three days Desert Festival brings out the spirit of the people of Jaisalmer who have to survive in a difficult region. The festival is an opportunity for these people to discard all their worries and become a part of a marvellous festival. For tourists from other parts of India and foreign countries, it is a great opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Rajasthan. The colourful show of the festival is simply awe inspiring.

Attractions of the Festival

It is in essence a festival dedicated to the performing arts of Rajasthan. Throughout the three days, during which the festival is celebrated, rhythmic music accompanied by elegant and vibrant dances that keep the visitors' spirit high. Renowned artists from all over Rajasthan reach Jaisalmer to perform and gain appreciation.

However, the music and dance shows are mostly performed during the night hours. During the day, there are other attractions to bind the tourists. The craft bazaar displaying exquisitely embroidered skirts, hand-woven shawls, rugs, carvings on wood and stone, camel decorations, embroidered leather bags, ethnic silver jewellery and terracotta is a huge attraction for the domestic as well as foreign tourists. The colourful items force even the fiercest of penny pincher to shell out quiet a few bucks, and for those who simply love art and craft, nothing else can be better than this.

A number of competitions are also organized to remind the people of the glorious cultural heritage of the place. Prominent among these festivals are the longest moustache competition and turban tying contest. The significance of the Ship of the Desert, camel is also not ignored. The animal is beautifully decorated with colourful saddle clothes and ornaments and paraded before a panel of judges who decide the best dressed camels amongst all. Then, there are the camel polo and the camel dance events that see the animal in two strikingly different moods, competitive and entertaining. Apart from these, there are other competitions like the tug of war between muscle men and Mr Desert Contest.

The climax of the festival is reached at the third night when the camels carry people on their back to the extremely mesmerising Sam Sand Dunes. The dunes glow under the silvery rays of the full moon and the entire atmosphere is transformed into a vibrant one with musicians, dancers, puppeteers and snake charmers all displaying their best skills. This is, without doubt, the most entertaining part of the festival.

The festival is a delight for anyone who appreciates the colourful art and culture of Rajasthan.


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