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"Sikkim with its varied and undulating landscape is among the best adventure destinations in India. Home to Mt. Kanchenjunga, the highest peaks in the country, you can be sure to get few of the most challenging trek routes and toughest mountain climbs around. Also experience the thrill of white water rafting in River Teesta that definitely will be a hair raising experience."
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Mountain Climbing In Mt. Kanchenjunga
Mountain Climbing In Mt. Kanchenjunga

A Heaven For The Adventurous You

If Sikkim cannot satiate your thirst for thrills, probability is, nothing will. With Himalayas cutting through the state, there are no better place to indulge in trekking and mountaineering. There are trek routes in altitudes as high as 14000 feet above sea level that set your pulse racing. Some treks are good enough to pose a challenge even the toughest of trekkers. However there are treks that are perfect for beginners as well. This makes Sikkim a dream destination for all kinds of trekkers. And then there is fast flowing River Teesta that is splendid for river Rafting. All those who like to splash around in water, this is the best option. Adventure in Sikkim is not always physically demanding. You can indulge in yak safari on the high mountains that gives you a chance to admire the beauty of the nature without worrying where you are putting your next step. Though this activity asks for a strong heart.


Sikkim is one big treat for all trekkers. Most of the treks here start from an altitude of 6000 feet and go up to 14000 feet. This difference itself is good enough to establish the range of trek routes in Sikkim. These trek routes not only take you through the most picturesque parts of Sikkim, lush green grasslands and deep alpine forests, but also takes you to some of the biggest and most beautiful monasteries that are scattered throughout the state. Yuksom is the major point from where most of the treks and expeditions starts. From high altitudes, one can get clear and magnificent views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world after Mt. Everest and K2. There are many training institutes in Sikkim that organize trekking trips to some wonderful treks in eastern Himalayas. The best time for trekking in Sikkim is from February to May and October to December.


Unlike trekking, mountaineering is far more demanding, both physically and mentally. Apart from the fact that both are done on high altitudes, there is hardly any similarity between the two. The climb in Mountaineering is generally far more steeper and requires a lot more gears to be be carried along. You cannot just plan a mountaineering expedition in moment and start on it the other moment. Such expeditions need a lot more planning and knowledge as mountaineering can be dangerous sometimes. In Sikkim, the most favorite peak for mountaineers is undoubtedly the famous Mt. Kanchenjunga in south Sikkim. There are other peaks as well in the state that are above 7000 meters that are as challenging as Mt. Kanchenjunga. You have to pay a certain amount as Royalty to local government. The amount is set according to the height of the peak. The best time to visit Sikkim for mountaineering is between May to October.

River Rafting

River rafting in Sikkim is still an upcoming adventure sport but has already shown a great prospect for future. River Teesta and Rangit are the two rivers where rafting can be indulged in. There are long stretches of fast rapids in River Teesta which have been graded class 4 on international level. Most of rapids fall in class 2 to 4 though there are few rapids that have been graded class 5. Being in the middle range, River Teesta is enjoyable for beginners as well expert rafters. For most part of the year, the water remains freezing cold, so it is advised that you wear protective clothing and follow the instructions of the instructor. There are many sand spots on the banks of the river that are a good campsites. Tourism department helps arrange rafting trips in River Teesta.

There are many states that boast of being a wonderful adventure state, but only few come close to the variety and exquisiteness Sikkim possesses. Ravishing rivers and sky kissing peaks adorn every part of Sikkim. Visit this one of a kind state to see your most thrilling dreams come to life.


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