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"Chennai Travel takes you on a tour of the wonderful Chennai City. With so many marvels of land to see and so many cultural heritages to learn, this cosmopolitan city for long has been treated as a traveler's paradise. Chennai Travel Guide takes you around the city."
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Chennai Travel

Fort St. George, Chennai
Fort St. George, Chennai

Chennai Tour- A Blend of Life And Dreams

Located on the stretch of Coromandel coast, some 60 metre above sea level, Chennai city, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is the gateway to south. This 350 year old city flourished around Fort St. George and slowly and steadily took over the nearby town and villages. The fourth largest city of India now has a population of around 6.4 million with maximum of them speaking Tamil and Malayalam. English and Hindi are also widely spoken and understood languages. The Knowledge of these languages make Chennai an easily tour able city for the international tourist. The land of Bharatnatyam is one of the four metro capitals of India and is considered to be the fastest city in terms of growth. Chennai also has the distinction of being called the automobile capital of India. With around 40% of automobiles giants having a plant in Chennai and more than 75% of total car production rolling out of Chennai, the city is surely on an overdrive. The fusion of tradition and modernity is something that you will notice in almost all aspects of Chennai life.

Chennai Travel Guide

The cost of living in Chennai is among the lowest in the country, and that means you can go on a shopping spree and come back keeping your pocket relatively full. Options of what to shop for are ample in Chennai. In fact Chennai is a heaven for shoppers like you. Ready made clothes including international brands and traditional wear, contemporary and antique artworks are few of the major items that you can buy here. You can also enjoy the city's distinct culture and warm hospitality, which are also quite famous world over. International tourists have never found it difficult to get used to the environment of this vibrant city. Chennai, with the kind of enthusiasm it has, perfectly reflects the true colors of India.

Kollywood, the Tamil film industry is another energetic aspect of the people of Chennai. The actors in this industry are considered nothing less than Demigods and you will see larger than life hoardings having their cut outs bigger than any you will find in the whole country. As trend suggests, people of Chennai are so affectionate towards their superstars that they choose them to even head the government. The passion and dedication towards this industry is surely something to be seen in real life.

Getting Around Chennai

Pilgrimages - Purity For Soul

Chennai city is home to people of all religion and its pilgrim sites are on top of any tourist itinerary. These pilgrim sites are especially famous for their sacredness and architectural splendor. Temples like Shri Parthasarthy and Kapaleeswarar Temple are one of the oldest temples and are known as one of the most divine destinations in southern part of India. They are also famous for the holiness and sanctity that is maintained inside the temple. Chennai also has many Chuches like St. Mary's church and Mosques like Thousand Lights Mosque that are acknowledged as important pilgrim sites for people throughout the country.

Beaches - Straight Out of A Picturebook

Chennai is visited a lot by tourist just to savour the exasperating beauty of these beaches. There are three main beaches in this city of which Marina beach is the most beautiful and most visited. Marina beach is the second longest beach in the world with a stretch of around 4.5 kms. As you take a walk on the seafront, you will come across statues of famous people like MGR, Anna and many other great leaders. The other famous beaches are Elliot beach, also called the night beach, ideal for sea bathing and Covelong beach which is famous for a 17 century fort built by the Nawab of Carnatic.

Bharatnatyam - Divine Defination of Dance

Bharatnatyam is one of the most popular forms of classical Indian dance. Its exact time of origin is not known, but it has undergone several noticeable transformations in its several hundred-year history. Bharatnatyam is so full of poise and grace, that when you see it in real life, it seems as beautiful as poetry in motion. By tracing its origins in the Natya Shastra, written by the great sage, Bharata, it comes to be known that it is a highly traditional and stylized dance form. Earlier known as Dasi Attam and Sadir, it was only practiced by Devadasis of the South Indian temples. For a long time, it was not considered a reputed profession, until Rukmini Devi worked towards it and brought it to be one of the most sought after dance forms in the world of performing arts.

Cuisine - Delight For Tongue

South Indian cuisine from Chennai could be the best memory that you take away from here. From the idlis and vadas, to idiyappam and dosa, Chennai is so full of different delicacies that once you have a taste of them, you will be left asking for more. Having your lunch on a banana leaf might not be on your wish list before you come to Chennai , but after one experience, it will definitely be there on your favorite's list, right on top. For the best in town vegetarian, you can go to Madras Cafe or Raj Restaurant. And for sumptuous non-vegetarian Chettinad cuisine which is considered to be a specialty in Tamil Nadu, Sea food restaurant-Kayal is a great option. Tamil Nadu, especially Chennai, is famous for its filter coffee called as 'Kaapi' without which your trip to Chennai is not complete.

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The Marina
Guindy National Park
Sri Kapaleswarar Temple
Fort St. George
Snake Park
Parthasarthi Temple
Le Meridien
MGM Beach Resort

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