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"Explore the well known and the hidden treasures of Rajasthan this vacation with our Rajasthan Train Tours. Get to see the true beauty of Rajasthan with Rajasthan Treasure Trail Tour Package."
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Rajasthan Train Tours - Rajasthan Train Tour Packages

Duration: 20 Nights - 21 Days

Destinations Covered : Delhi - Neemrana - Mandawa - Bikaner - Pokhran - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Mount Abu - Udaipur -Chittaurgarh - Pushkar - Jaipur - Ranthambore - Bharatpur - Agra - Delhi.

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About The Tour Itinerary of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Treasure Trail Tour Package is meant to take you to some of the best places in Rajasthan that have made it immensely popular amongst tourists. Visit to cities, religious towns, wildlife parks and villages are all included in this package to enable you to see the myriad aspect of Rajasthan. Some usually less visited sites make up this package even more interesting as they present an offer to see something really different. Take up this tour package if you wish to see the best of Rajasthan.

Boy's Art - Rajasthan
Boy's Art - Rajasthan Enquire Now

Highlights of the Rajasthan Train Itineraries

  • Camel Cart trip to villages in Neemrana
  • Visit to Pokhran.
  • Visit to Sam Sand Dunes and overnight stay in tents.
  • Visit to Bishnoi villages.
  • Visit to Shilpgram, a crafts village while in Udaipur.
  • Visit the Bassi Crafts village.
  • Visit the largest handmade paper factory in the country and purchase some beautiful paper products.

Day 01 : Delhi

Arrive in Delhi where you will be received by the company representatives. They will bring you straight to the hotel where you can unwind yourself . Have a hot meal served before you after having a refreshing bath. Thereafter you can spend the rest of the time with yourselves.

Delhi, the capital of India has been a favourite of atleast seven important dynasties and has always managed to assert its significance amongst so many other important places in India. In the night, if you feel like staying awake for a while, then read a little about the history of Delhi. This will help you the next day when you set out to explore the city. You reading will empower you with a fair bit of idea about all the places you are visiting.

Stay overnight in Delhi.

Outside The Red Fort - Delhi
Outside The Red Fort - Delhi Enquire Now

Day 02 : Delhi - Explore The Famous Delhi Attractions

Have your breakfast early and set out to explore the capital city of India. Visit the towering Qutub Minar which commemorates the time from when the Muslim rule started in Delhi. Other structures in the complex include the Quwwat ul Islam, Iron Pillar, Alai Minar, Alai Darwaza, Imama Zamim's Tomb and Tomb of Iltutmish.

Next pay a visit to the Bahai House of Worship or the Lotus Temple. This temple is shaped like a lotus and allows the followers of various religion to worship here in complete silence and in accordance to their religious traditions. The water pools and the gardens around it will enhance its appeal in your eyes.

Closeby is the Hauz Khas Village with modern boutiques and restaurants. At one end of the Hauz Khas, which was once a royal tank providing water to the second town of Delhi (Siri), lie the monuments that were built by Feroz ShahTughlaq Tughlaq. Visit these relatively simple monuments and have your lunch in one of the restaurant. Thereafter proceed to Old Delhi.

The Old Delhi preserves some of the most significant attractions of Delhi including the massive red sandstone building, Red Fort. The Red Fort was at the helm of Mughal power for quiet a long time and still commands a huge amount of respect from the Delhites. Explore the fort complex as much as you want and then proceed to check out the Chandni Chowk Market. Also pay your respect to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi at the Rajghat before you return to the Red Fort to attend a Sound and Light Show that conjures up the past events connected to the fort.

After this visit the India Gate which is a hot spot for the people to relax and stroll around with an ice cream in hand. With an illuminated India Gate in the backdrop, the walk becomes all the more special even if you are not left with much of time in hand.

Neemrana Fort
Neemrana Fort Enquire Now

Day 03 : Neemrana - Relax At The Neemrana Fort Palace

Start off your Rajasthan journey today by setting out for Neemrana which is at a distance of 122 km from Delhi. On arrival, transfer to the Hotel Fort Neemrana. The picturesque town of Neemrana draws its name from a valourous local chieftain Nimola Meo who lost his life fighting the Chauhans. The Chauhans made Neemrana their third capital during their tenure.

Afterwards, visit the 16th century stepwell which is 11 storey deep and was used for military purposes in those time. You can also enjoy a camel cart ride to a typical Rajasthani village and interact with people to know more about their daily lifestyle. For a little more venturesome of you, a trek to the watchtowers on the nearby hills is an exciting option.

Later, in the night, have your dinner in the Fort hotel and enjoy a sound sleep in your room in NeemranNeemeranaa.

Day 04 : Mandawa - Set To Explore The Rural Life of Rajasthan

This morning, have your breakfast early and set out for Mandawa (128 km), a small town founded in the 18th century and inhabited by affluent merchant families. En route, also stop by to explore the havelis and fort of Nawalgarh and Dundlod. These two tiny places are very nice options if you want to see the lifestyle of small places in Rajasthan. You will also notice that a number of peacocks roam around freely on the way to Mandawa.

After arriving in Mandawa, check in at the royal Castle Mandawa (another fort palace converted into a heritage hotel) and set off to explore the major attraction of this small town, the havelis, on the back of a camel. The havelis to be visited include the Goenka haveli, Nand La Murmuria haveli, Binsidhar Newatia haveli and Gulab Rai Ladia haveli. All these havelis have frescoe paintings adorning their walls, though some of them are not in really good condition. However, pay a little bit of attention to realize the kind of effort put in by the craftsmen to produce such images.

Later, return to the hotel and enjoy your meal while watching the fire dances and folk performance by the local artists. The entire atmosphere, as you can well imagine, is one filled with enthusiasm and brightness. Overnight stay in Mandawa.

Day 05 : Bikaner - See The Largest Camel Breeding Farm

Have your breakfast early in the morning and set out for Bikaner which is at a distance of 200 km west of Mandawa. Bikaner was founded by Rao Bika in the 15th century and was an important trading outpost for traders coming down all the way from West/Central Asia.

After reaching Bikaner, check in at the hotel and set out to visit the largest Camel Breeding Farm in Asia. The farm rears around 300 camels and if you are plain lucky, you might just get to see the young camel playing around its mother. Later come back and pay a visit to the Junagarh Fort which was built by Raja Rai Singh in the 16th century. There is an interesting collection at the Junagarh Fort with items like weapons, a throne, Krishna sculpture and an old biplane which are sure to delight you.

Also, visit the Lalgarh Palace which has been partly converted into a heritage hotel and partly a museum known by the name of Shri Sardul Museum.

Later return to your hotel and enjoy a dinner with Rajasthani folk music adding more taste to your food.

Pokharan Fort
Pokharan Fort Enquire Now

Day 06 : Pokhran - See The India's First Nuclear Experiment Site

Today you will visit the site where India conducted its Nuclear programmes and showed to the world that She will not tolerate any interference from outside.

Have your breakfast and leave for Pokhran which is situated at the junction of Jaisalmer, Bikaner (224 km) and Jodhpur. Arrive in Pokhran and transfer to your hotel. Thereafter visit the Pokhran Fort which was built by a local chieftain, Rao Maldeo in the 16th century. Apart from the palaces inside the fort, there is also a museum, which, though smaller than other museums of Rajasthan still holds a considerable collection of weapons, paintings, pottery and the costumes which the Maharajas wore.

In the evening, stroll around yourself and have a look at the small place that became so important after the nuclear tests. However, the nearest you can come to the actual site is 65 km which makes sure that radioactive energy do not cause any harm to you. In the night have your traditional desert dinner. Stay overnight in Pokhran.

Day 07 : Jaisalmer - Get Ready For A Palace Tour

Today, early morning depart for Jaisalmer which lies at a distance of 110 km from Pokhran. Jaisalmer lies in the desert region of Rajasthan and has an irresistible charm enclosed within and around.

Arrive in Jaisalmer and transfer to your hotel. Refresh yourself and set out to explore the Jaisalmer Fort that sits comfortable atop the Trikuta Hill and seems to give an impression that it is rising from the golden sands of the desert itself. The fort was built by a Bhatti Rajput ruler, Rai Jaisala and houses seven Jain Temples apart from its numerous forts and palaces. Explore the fort and winding lanes paved with stone and filled with handicraft shops and beauty parlours. Walk on the outer rampart of the fort wall to catch some superb view of the town below.

Later, visit the havelis of Jaisalmer, Patwon ki haveli and Nathmaljiki haveli, that were built by wealthy merchant families of the city. The havelis are painted with frescoes depicting various themes. Examine these paintings and appreciate the skills of the craftsmen who worked simply by their visionary art sans any technology and training.

In the night enjoy the traditional Rajasthani Folk music and dance while you are having your dinner. Stay overnight in Jaisalmer.

Gadi Sagar Lake, Jisalmer
Gadi Sagar Lake, Jisalmer Enquire Now

Day 08 : Jaisalmer - Enjoy Camel Safari

Jaisamer is pretty well known for its camel safari trips so it is almost impossible to visit the city and not enjoy this adventurous trip, that also on the Sam Sand Dunes.

Have your breakfast early and set out for an exciting journey. Enroute, quickly visit the Bada Bagh & chhatris, Amar Sagar and the village of Lodhruva and Kuldhara. Relax for a while in Kuldhara and hear from the locals an interesting legend that indicates the richness of the region in the earlier era. Have your lunch in Kuldhara with the villagers and set out for Sam.

From the village embark on a camel safari trip to the Sam Sand Dunes. The Sam Sand Dunes are exceptionally beautiful during the sunset and also crowded which ensures that you will not be left alone in enjoying the majestic beauty. Also next up is a thrilling night which will be spent here on Sam Sand Dunes in a tent. Enjoy the folk artists dancing around the fire on the beats of Rajasthani songs and have your dinner here. Stay overnight in tents.

Day 09 : Jodhpur - Enjoy Exciting Desert Safari

Get up early today to witness the remarkable beauty spread across the golden sands as the sun rises from far below the the horizon. Walk around and feel the gentle gust of wind pat your face fondly. Have your breakfast here.

After an exhilarating experience in the midst of the desert, we proceed in our journey to visit yet another famous town located at the edge of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur. Jodhpur was founded by Rao Jodha in the 15th century. Jodhpur is a typical Rajasthani city where aridness has failed to fade away the jubilant spirit of the natives. So apart from the colourful clothes and dangling ornaments what will catch your attention immediately are the blue houses. Earlier these houses belonged to the Brahmin caste but nowadays the blue colour has been embraced by many others who feel that the colour lends a bit of freshness inside the house.

Reach Jodhpur and transfer straight to your hotel. Evening free to stroll around on your own or relax. Alternatively you can also visit the Clock Tower and ramble around aimlessly or visit the Sadar market closeby to pick up some aromatic spices and handicraft items.

Have your dinner and stay overnight in Jodhpur.

Day 10 : Jodhpur - Get Ready To Be Treated Like A King

Have your breakfast early and set out to explore the dominating Mehrangarh Fort initiated by Rao Jodha and added upon by succeeding rajas. The expressive names of the palaces inside give sufficient hint of the passion of the rajas for a rich and leisurely lifestyle. Many of these palaces and halls today house the Mehrangarh Fort Museum. Go around and have a look at the elephant carriages and palanquins that were meant to carry the maharaja and his ranis whenever they wished to go around the city. Also, catch up with the armoury and the painting section to get an indepth knowledge about the things that had an importance in the life of these maharajas. You can also take time out and wonder at the 80 kg of gold plate that covers the ceiling of the Phool Mahal.

Later pay a visit to the Jaswant Thada which is located a little outside the fort complex. Post lunch drive down to visit the Bishnoi villages. These villages uphold a very remarkable environmental values for the rest of us to follow. The people here are extremely careful about the sanctity of the animal and the nature around. Some of these villages are inhabited by potters and dhurrie maker and you can also see them at work. Also you can interact with the locals and know more about their lives and art form.

In the evening, drive back to Jodhpur and enjoy the fresh air blow through your face. Have your dinner and stay overnight in Jodhpur.

Nakki Lake - Mount Abu
Nakki Lake - Mount Abu Enquire Now

Day 11 : Mount Abu - The Only Hill Station Among The Desert

Have your breakfast early and set off for the only hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu which is located at the distance of 228 km. Enroute visit Rohet and Luni villages and walk around to get a feel of the village life.

Mount Abu is a hill station located at a height of 1219 m. It has an interesting anecdote associated with its origin as well as its name. As you approach Mount Abu, the scenic beauty will captivate your imagination. Drive straight to the sunset point to view the sun hide away below the horizon. You can also have a bit of snack here before proceeding to your hotel.

Check in at your hotel and relax. Have your dinner in the pleasant climate of Mount Abu and stay overnight in the hotel.

Day 12 : Mount Abu - Udaipur

Have your breakfast early and reach the Nakki Lake where much of activity of the hill station takes place. Stroll around, drink a glass of juice or lick an ice cream, enjoy a short boat trip or a horse ride ( or both) and let the freshness penetrate deep into the pores of your skin.

Return to your hotel and pack your bags. You now proceed towards the Lake City Udaipur and explore the beautiful Dilwara Temple enroute. These Jain Temples are the indisputably the star attraction of Mount Abu. Two temples, Vimal Vasahi and Tejpal Temple, in particular are extremely awesome with their white marble carvings. Other three temples are also worth seeing. Stroll around and have a good look at the temple complex and feel the serenity that permeates in every corner of the temple.

Continue your journey towards Udaipur. On arrival check in at your hotel and relax. Evening free to do whatever you want. Dinner in the hotel and overnight stay in Udaipur.

Day 13 : Udaipur - Explore The Famous Lake City

Get up early to view the beautiful sunrise. Go out for a short morning walk if you like or simply stay back in your room. Have your breakfast and set out to explore the myriad hues of this city.

Visit the City Palace complex and examine the various relics from the royal era displayed in the museums and gallery - the City Palace Museum, the Government Museum and the Crystal Gallery. Seat yourself on a boat from the City palace jetty and take a ride round the Lake Pichola.

Also enjoy another round of a boat ride on the Fateh Sagar Lake, which lies north of Lake Pichola, and reach the garden island, Nehru Park. Later pay a visit to the Shilgram, a crafts village 3 km west of Fateh Sagar and enjoy demonstrations by musicians, dancers or artisans from various states.

Return to your hotel and enjoy a relaxing dinner. Stay overnight in Udaipur.

Chittaugarh Fort
Chittaugarh Fort Enquire Now

Day 14 : Chittuargarh - Travel To The Chittuargarh Fort

Have an early breakfast and head towards Chittaurgah that eagerly awaits your arrival to narrate its tale of chivalry and romance.

After covering a distance of 112 km, when you arrive in Chittaurgarh, check in at your hotel and move to inspect the war ravaged walls of the Chittaurgarh fort. The fort, in earlier times was frequently invaded by superior army despite the brave resistance put up by its Rajput occupants. Roam around the fort and discover its innumerable palaces, towers and temples that seem to chronicle its history neatly before you.

Post lunch visit the Bassi village which is located at a distance of 20 km from the city. Wander around and have a look at the sky blue, mint green, purple and yellow houses. The Shiva Temple with its interiors colourfully painted by the toy makers is worth seeing too. Finally visit the main bazaar and pick up wooden toys depicting dancers, musicians, soldiers and animals.

Return to Chittaurgarh and have your dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel.

Day 15 : Pushkar - City of The Only Brahma Temple of India

Today, you will set off for a long journey to Pushkar which is 302 km away. Pushkar is a sweet little town by the side of a lake that oozes a lot of warmth. The small town is the only abode of Brahma, the creator of Universe for Hindus, on this earth. Mythological legend associate themselves with the origin of this town and its name.

On arrival to Pushkar, transfer to your hotel and relax for a while. In the evening participate in the aarti at the famous Brahma Temple and feel a unique traquility amidst the bhajans (devotional songs) and ringing of bells. The Pushkar lake glitters with rays of moon and the illumination of temples reflecting in its water.

Return to your hotel and have your vegetarian dinner. Stay overnight in Pushkar.

Day 16 : Pushkar - Jaipur

Today you will enjoy a bit of adventure in this small religious town of Pushkar. Have your breakfast early and set out on a one hour trekking expedition to the Savitri Temple atop the nearby hill. This temple is dedicated to the first wife of Brahma who is in a way responsible for Pushkar being made the land of Brahma.

Thereafter come down and enjoy a camel safari trip that is organized by the local people. A camel safari trip in Pushkar is also significant when you recall that Pushkar holds the largest camel fair in the world every year on the event of kartik purnima.

Post Lunch, set off for your next destination, Jaipur, which lies at a distance of 145 km from Pushkar. The capital city of Rajasthan has an unbeatable charm due to its rich past and vibrant present. Arrive and check in at your hotel. Relax for a while.

In the evening stroll around the lanes of Jaipur near your hotel and listen to some interesting stories from the localites. Alternatively, you can also go shopping in the streets of Jaipur.

Return to your hotel and have your dinner. Stay overnight in Jaipur.

Day 17 : Jaipur

Today is your day to explore the attractions of the city of Jaipur and areas around it. So have your breakfast and set off to visit the Amber Fort. If you wish to climb to the fort yourself, you can reach there within ten minutes, though a more interesting and regal way is to ride an elephant. The fort is a classic example of the Rajput architecture and towers over a lake.

Return from the Amber Fort and pay a visit to the City Palace complex & museum along with Hawa Mahal. The City Palace complex dates back to the time when the city itself was founded while Hawa Mahal was built a little later. Hawa Mahal's rich exterior and plain interiors might come as a surprise for you when you think about other Rajasthan palaces. However, knowing a brief history will certainly help you appreciate the worthiness of this palace.

Post lunch visit the villages of Sanganer and Bagru. Sanganer has a palace in a relatively bad shape which you can see, however, the high point of the visit is a walk down the riverbank to see brightly coloured fabrics drying in the sun (the place is known for its block printing). Also pay a visit to the Salim's Paper which claims to be the largest hand made paper factory in the country. See the elaborate process that goes into making of a single sheet of paper and also pick up any number of exquisite paper product from the showroom. These products make for a fabulous gift items for your friends back home.

You will also find much of block printing in Bagru. In the evening visit the Chokhi Dhani, a village resort to feel the magic of village life. Enjoy the entertainment provided by the resort while enjoying a delicious vegetarian dinner on the floor.

Return to your hotel. Overnight stay in Jaipur.

Day 18 : Ranthambore - See The Wild World of Rajasthan

Leave early today to reach Ranthambore which is located at a distance of 195 km from Jaipur. Arrive and check in at your hotel.

Ranthambore is known for its wildlife sanctuary and a towering fort. The park is an abode of the majestic tigers and there is a fair chance that you spot a tiger here on your visit. Other animals, reptiles and birds that you will see here include Leopards, Striped Hyenas, Indian Wild Boar, Sloth bears, Sambar deer, Chital, Nilgai, Snub Nosed Marsh Crocodiles, Indian Pythons, Cobras, Common Kraits Desert Monitor Lizards, Tortoise, Banded Kraits, Ganga Soft Shelled Turtles, Parakeet, Myna, Barheaded Goose, Owl, Woodpecker, Kingfisher, Eagle, Sparrow, Vulture and Falcon.

The fort was supposedly constructed by the Chauhana Rajput rulers in the 10th century. The fort has its share of mythical and historical legends attached to it. Listening to them, you can explore the various other structures inside it.

Return to your hotel and have your dinner. Stay overnight in Ranthambore

Birds - Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Birds - Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary Enquire Now

Day 19 : Bharatpur - Enjoy Bird Watching

Have your breakfast and set off for yet another destination that is known for its wildlife specially bird population. Bharatpur is located at a distance of 250 km from Ranthambore and is well known for its bird sanctuary.

Arrive and check in at your hotel. Visit the sanctuary and wonder at the countless number of bird species that have made the park their home. The Siberian Cranes migrate to this park in the winter season so if you are visiting during this period you know what to look out for. You can simply walk or cycle around in the park. Alternatively you can also sit in a boat and have the pleasure of seeing the birds while listening to the gentle rippling sound of water.

Later pay a visit to the Lohgarh which literally translates into Iron Fort. Visit the museum to have a look at the remnants from the royal past. The Jawaharbij viewing point is a good place to let the cool breezes caress you hair and rejuvenate your spirits.

Return to your hotel and stay overnight in Bharatpur.

Day 20 : Agra - The City of Beautiful Taj Mahal

Today you move forward in your journey though leaving Rajasthan behind. Your next destination is the historic town of Agra which is at a distance of 145 km from Bharatpur.

On your way to Agra, stop by to catch the town of Fatehpur Sikri which was meant to serve as a capital for Akbar. However, a shortage of water left it completely deserted. Ramble around peacefully in this heritage site before further ahead in your journey.

Post lunch move to Agra and transfer to your hotel when you reach there. Relax for a while and visit the Taj Mahal during sunset. This white marble mausoleum built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his dead wife Mumtaz Mahal glitters like a jewel with every ray of setting sun falling on it. Later you can also go shopping around in the market of Agra. The city is famous for leather goods, jewelleries, dhurries and marble items embedded with coloured stone.

Return to your hotel and have your dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel in Agra.

Day 21 : Delhi

Early in the morning, as the sun is all set to rise, pay yet another visit to the Taj and enjoy its distinct beauty once again. Return to your hotel and have your breakfast. Agra is the last destination in your tour. Today you leave for Delhi from where you will return back to your home or move forward for yet another exciting journey. Nevertheless, this trip to this royal state of Rajasthan will stay with you forever.

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