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"The beautiful Uttaranchal scenery often left the travelers in awe. The view of serene lakes in Uttranchal and the waterfalls in Uttarakhand attract not only nature lovers but also the travelers who are in search of peace of mind. One can feel the refreshing magic of these gifts of nature while travelling through the state of Uttaranchal."
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Uttaranchal Lakes / Waterfalls In Uttarakhand

Dodi Tal, Uttaranchal
Dodi Tal, Uttaranchal

Uttaranchal - welcome to the land of lakes and waterfalls. It is one place where you will not have much trouble spotting the scenic beauty, its there in front of you , plain and abundant.
Tucked away in the ranges of Himalayas are Uttranchal lakes and waterfalls. The waterfalls with cascading water and lakes reflecting clear pictures of the beautiful surroundings, all these lend Uttaranchal beautiful scenery its magical charm. Everywhere you look, each view is better then the previous one and your eyes just can't seem to have enough.

Famous Lakes In Uttranchal

Devaria Tal

This lake lies near Ukhimath in Uttaranchal which is a pilgrimage place. A two kilometer trek will take you to this captivating lake which lays with serenity amongst the mountains. Spread over a diameter of about 700 metres, the reflection of majestic Chaukhamba peak in the lake presents great views. With forests all around, it is a great place for bird watching or you can go for angling. If you are one of those sporty kinds then go for a longer trek route from Ukhimath to Devaria tal, this 8 kilometre trek route is quite steep.

Kedar Tal

This majestic lake is at a height of 4425 mts above the sea level. At a distance of about 18 kms from Gangotri, the lake is very clear and the reflection of Thalaiyasagar peaks comes across as a very beautiful sight. But the trekking to the peak is very difficult and could be tiring even for the experts. Since there are no facilities in the way, you have to go their fully prepared on your own. You will also need a local guide to go to Kedar tal since the route is a bit tricky.

Dodi Tal

Dodital lies close to Uttarkashi district of Uttaranchal, Dodital trek is one of the most famous treks of the country. There are many other lakes in Uttaranchal but none like Dodital. Every year hundreds of people come to experience this adventurous trek which can also be quite exhaustive. The name Dodital comes from a particular trout found here in abundance by the name of Dodi. The water of Dodital is also said to be refreshing for skin. Adding to the beauty of this beautiful lake are the snow capped peaks and the oak, deodar and rhododendron trees.

Sahastra Tal & Masar Tal

A trek to Khatlang Glacier will bring you to Sahastra tal and Masar Tal, both of which lie enroute to Khatlang glacier. The lakes lie on the either side of the glacier and the glacier itself is source to river Bhilanga. The best time to take this trek is from June to September. In the trek you are treated to views of the thick forests and meadows. The meadows are laid with flowers in full bloom during the summers.

Nachiketa Tal Uttarakhand

29 kilometres from Uttarkashi is Chaurangikhal and a three kilometre trek from here will take you to Nachiketa Tal. You will get an idea of the beauty of the place Nachiketa Tal as you take this pleasant trek through the forests. The lake is located among the tranquility of green surroundings all around and a temple by the lakeside just completes the picture. One can visit this lake anytime round the year.


Twenty five kilometres from Nainitral, Bhimtal is much more clearer and pristine then Nainital. At a height of 1200 meters, Bhimtal gets slightly warmer in summers (June ) but nonetheless makes a great round the year vacation spot. Spreading over 1701 m by 265 m, it is the largest lake in the Nainital district. There is an island in the center of the lake, where there is a restaurant also. Some ducks have made the lake their home and they blend perfectly with the scenic beauty. You could go for boating here or explore the forests nearby. There are also other sightseeng options like the Victorian Dam, terraced gardens around the lake. A Bhimkeshwar temple nearby, the Museum of Folk Culture and many other such interesting sightseeing options make Bhimtal a good vacation spot.

Sat Tal

On route to Gangotri and 74 kilometers from Uttarkashi is Sat Tal or the seven lakes. These seven interconnecting lakes form one of the most picturesque scenes you will find in Uttaranchal. At an altitude of 1370 meters clustered among the oak forests, Sat tal is a must visit destination. On approaching Sat Tal, the first lake to welcome you is Nal Damyanti followed by the Panna lake and a little ahead are the three lakes by the names of Ram, Laxman and Sita. The best time to be here is either in the months of March or April when the trees are loaded with lemons and the aroma fills the air or in September to November when the trees start turning rustic spreading a panoramic view across the forests.

Famous Waterfalls In Uttaranchal

Sahastra Dhara

Probably one of the most famous picnic spots or an ideal place for a quick stopover, Sahastra Dhara meaning a thousand streams is located 14 kilometres from Dehradun. The place is known for its beautiful surroundings and and the medicinal sulphur waterfalls. There are also bathrooms with medicinal water.

Kempty Waterfalls

Fifteen kilometres from Mussoorie is the Kempty waterfalls, water gushing down from a height of 4,500 feets. As the water comes down flowing above the rocky terrain, water splits into five streams offering a panoramic view. The place around the Kempty falls is very commercialized offering you everything from swimming tyres to many restaurants.

Corbett Waterfalls

These waterfalls come under the Ramnagar Forest Division. Three kilometres from Kaladhumgi main road are these beautiful falls. Coming down from a height of twenty metres and surrounded with a forest cover, Corbett waterfalls form quite a picture. There is also quite a birdlife around the waterfalls to keep you hooked.

Famous Springs In Uttaranchal

Tapt Kund

Before going for darshan in Badrinath temple, people take a bath in the holy spring, Tapt Kund. The hot water springs are just below the temple and are believed to be infused with medicinal properties. The sulphurous water here has a temperature of 45 degrees. The springs are considered to be the abode of the Hindu God of fire i.e. Agni.

Gauri Kund

Gauri Kund at a height of 6500 feet serves as the base camp for the Kedarnath journey ahead. A hot water spring and a temple that is dedicated to Gauri are the Gauri Kund. While Kedarnath is the Abode of Lord Shiva, Gauri, his wife carried out her yogic practices here in the Gauri Kund.


These are the thermal springs enroute to Gangotri, 14 kilometers from Bhatwari. A dip in the holy waters followed by a visit to the temple close by dedicated the father of the writer of Mahabharata Ved Vyas, Sage Parsara. The place is also considered good for mediation, rejuvenation and relaxation. At a height of 1855 meters, the place is also famous for the view it gives of the Greater Himalayas.

Surya Kund

What makes Surya Kund so unique is that close to the freezing glacier of Yamunotri is this hot water spring. Considered the most important of all the kunds in the area, the water in Surya kund is so hot that the 'Prasad' is cooked in the water of the spring itself. You tie some potatoes and rice in the cloth loosely, immerse in water and they come out cooked after few minutes.

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