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"River rafting in Uttaranchal, India is a fun filled and adventurous activity. You will enjoy it immensely irrespective of the fact whether you are a novice or experienced. Whitewater river rafting is one experience that should not be missed while in here. Adventure lovers from different parts of the world come here to experience and enjoy camping, rafting in Uttaranchal."
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White Water Rafting In Uttaranchal

River Rafting in Uttaranchal
River Rafting in Uttaranchal

About River Rafting Trips In Uttarakhand

River Rafting is an adventure sport which thrills and chills you at the same time. It is like a challenge to tame a wild river. When it comes to river rafting, Uttaranchal offers the broadest possible options for river rafting in the world, from milder river courses to wilder ones. Uttaranchal has in abundance rivers and terrains to suit all levels of river rafting. The challenge and thrill of flowing with the river and controlling yourself at the same time is the true thrilling experience.

Following the river course right from the time it emerges from the glacier upto the plains is a not just a fun water sports. Deep gorges, rocky course, boulders and moraines, all are in the your way.

White Water Rafting In Garhwal

Garhwal is the origin land of many rivers in Uttaranchal, Ganga being the most significant one. The river courses in Uttaranchal are such that everyone from a novice to an amateur and expert can enjoy this watery thrill. At Devprayag when Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet Ganga, the waters are frothy and racy. River rafting here in Grade IV to V is packed with a power punch of thrill, it is recommended for experts only. Down the course of the river, ahead of Devprayag, the river turns into a pool, just suitable for amateurs. The best thing about river rafting in Garhwal is the complimentary sight seeing. Rafting through the river, you closely follow the white sands where you camp in night. Also to be seen are the grassy terrains of oaks, pine spruce and fir, the terraced fields, and here and now glimpses of some wildlife. Not to forget the spiritualness of the river combined with the riverside ashrams. Since when did rafting got so much more then just wading in the frothy waters, well, the answer is for you to find in Garhwal.

The most popular stretch for Garhwal river rafting is between Kaudilya and Shivpuri. There are other stretches also including a variety of grades on rivers Alaknanda, Mandakini and Bhagirathi.

Rafting in Kumaon

Rafting in Kumaon is no less exciting. Infact, it has long stretches of dangerous waters where only the experienced can make a move. River Kali Ganga, also known as Sharda in the lower reaches, enters India from Nepal. At Jauljibi when it meets River Gori, it is then that the real adventure begins. The river gains volume and for the next 117 kilometers it is a taxing run. It passes through some dangerous rapids, hence this run is recommended only for experienced (Grade IV). It's a three day rafting to Tanakpur. Further down the course of river, rafting gets easier.

More Info About River Water Rafting

Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam, an undertaking of Uttaranchal government organises river rafting courses at Kaudilya which is 38 kilometers from Rishikesh. They offer courses, equipment etc. They have trained professionals to teach you river rafting in Ganges. For more information about river rafting expeditions in Uttaranchal, you can contact GMVN.

Best Time For River Rafting

The best time to go for river rafting if you have some hands on experience is during summer. It is at this time that water level rises due to melting of snow and the monsoons. For beginners, months of August and September are best as the water level is lower and manageable. Even springs and early summers can be considered for rafting. Rafting in winters is a complete no no because many a rivers are frozen, the climate is chilled and getting soaked means inviting hypothermia.

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