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"Adding adventure to exploring, safari is a great experience in Uttaranchal. Elephant, jeep or horse, make your choice and enjoy the ride."
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Uttaranchal Safari

Horse Safari
Horse Safari

Safaris are one such activity which bring together the thrill of adventure without really exhausting you physically. Infact it is quite a laid back activity at times. An excellent way to go around, safaris in Uttaranchal are a great way to enjoy and explore. With so much of hilly terrain, jungles and wildlife sanctuaries to look out for, safaris are undoubtedly the best way to go looking around. To casually explore the wildlife parks, elephant safaris are pretty interesting but if you are on some serious spotting of tigers and other wildlife and want to cover more area in less time then nothing better than Jeep safaris.

Safaris in Uttaranchal, both jeep and elephant are associated mainly with jungle safaris. At some places even horse safaris are also available.

Jungle Safaris ( Jeep, Elephant And Horse Safari)

Jeep safaris are most convenient in Corbett National Park where to spot tigers and other animals, one needs to cover large distances in less time (Corbett is spread in 520 sq. Kms). In Rajaji National Park (820 sq. Kms) also jeep safari is the best way to look around.

Elephant safaris on the other hand are sort of a laid back activity. As you sit on the back of this largest mammal of earth's back and it walks in its seemingly careless manner, you start feeling the fun of it. Elephants safaris give you a chance to be more observant since it is slower, many people take it just for the sake of experience. Horse safaris are also available in these National parks. Horse safari is quite a sporty activity as compared to elephant safari.

Jeep Safari Through Uttaranchal

Apart from wildlife safaris, there are also other kinds of safaris. Jeep safari tours are available with many tour operators or you can undertake one yourself. Covering this hill state on jeep is quite an experience. Moving through the lesser known wilds, taking your own route or moving from one district to another, observing flora, fauna, people and their lifestyle at your own pace - this can be quite an experience. Jeeps can be hired from Uttaranchal itself, but the driver should be trained to drive in hilly areas, narrow and curved paths.


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