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"The past might have passed, but the history lives on in West Bengal through the many heritage buildings left as a symbol of power and authority. Though ancient temples destinations like Vishnupur and Mayapur are scattered in all parts of West bengal, the best way to feel the rich heritage of West Bengal is by taking the heritage trail through Kolkata and Murshidabad."
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West Bengal Heritage Trail

Heritage Writer's Building - Kolkata
Heritage Writer's Building - Kolkata

Standing In Present, Showing Us Past

It would be a pleasant experience to travel down the corridors of history. The tour may begin with the historical remains of the ancient capital of Bengal -Gourand Pandua and seeing Bara Sona Mosque, Dakhil Darwajah, Qadam Rasul Mosque, Lattan Mosque, Gumti Gate, Firoz Minar, Adina Mosque and Ekiakhi Mausoleum.

Next comes Murshidabad, the seat of the Nawabs of Bengal, the prominent attractions being Nimak Haram Deohri, Khushbagh, Hazarduari, Great Imambara, Moti Jheel, Katra Mosque, Medina Mosque and WasifManzil. Krishnanagar, Bethuadahari, the Chandrodaya Temple at Mayapur and the Sonar Gouranga Temple at Nawadip attract tourists in Nadia District. The majestic Curzon Gate, now known as Vijoy Toran, the tomb of Sher Afghan and Golapbagh in Burdwan and the famous terracotta temples of Kalna, particularly the 108 temple complex dedicated to Lord Shiva, are amongst the chief attractions in Burdwan district.

The Viswabharati University at Santiniketan, established by Rabindranath Tagore, Sriniketan, a centre for traditional handicrafts and Bakreswar, famous for its hot springs are amongst the most famous in Birbhum district.

The temple town Vishnupur is famous for exquisite craftsmanship of terracotta art work evident on the numerous temples. Susunia Hill and Mukutmanipur Dam are the other attractions in Bankura district.

The undulating terrain woven with the forests and hillocks leading to Ayodhya or Panchakot hills make a happy sojourn to Purulia. Close to Calcutta and on the west bank of the Ganga are numerous attractions including the Ananta Vasudeva and Hanseswari temples, the Bandel Church (reminiscent of the Portuguese settlement), Chandannagar (reminiscent of the French settlement), Srirampore (reminiscent of the Danish settlement), Belur Math and the Botanical Garden at Shibpur.


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